Join RBLP’s Fundraising for the American Red Cross Giving Day!

American Red Cross Giving Day - Photo from Baxter, Tennessee

During life’s emergencies, The American Red Cross are proud to provide comfort and relief to our neighbors in need. RBLP supports our friends at the Red Cross for this year’s #GivingDay: March 24th, 2021.


american red cross giving day - relief during the oregon wildfires

This photo and the featured photo above: Scott Dalton/American Red Cross

On Red Cross Giving Day, you can help RBLP fundraise for the Red Cross as they perform critical work in communities who rely on them each day when #HelpCantWait. Hospital patients are still need of lifesaving blood; neighbors still need food, shelter and care after life’s emergencies; COVID-19 antibody testing is needed to help put an end to the current pandemic; and military families still need assistance and resources.


american red cross giving day - save the date

Give today to support the urgent needs of the Red Cross’s lifesaving mission, here at RBLP’s Giving Page

Today, we invite you to unite with thousands of compassionate people to give aid on Red Cross Giving Day to individuals and families who need it most. As we raise funds through our Giving Page, RBLP will be matching every donation up to a total of $2,500 – so if you’re able to, please help us reach this goal and you can be the difference in providing so much hope, comfort and relief to communities across the U.S. and around the world.


Taking care of our community is a core value at the Resilience-Building Leader Program. Our primary Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative is to provide RBLP exam prep training and leadership certifications to front-line leaders, middle managers, and senior leaders at selected charitable nonprofit organizations at no cost.

Learn more about how we are Giving Back to the community.

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