Analyze team cohesion.


Cohesion enables collective creativity and decision-making. In a cohesive group, shared leadership becomes possible.

Supportive, dependable relationships promote well-being. People in a cohesive group are happier because they feel valued by others.

Cohesion encourages employee engagement and increases job satisfaction.    

Social cohesion is about emotional bonding and a sense of belonging. Task cohesion is about working together effectively to meet collective goals.

In a cohesive group, each person’s capacity to overcome adversity is enhanced by working with other people. Cohesion reduces stress.

Teamwork is a consequence of developing cohesion. People that work in cohesive teams are more resilient.

Developing cohesion is essential for building resilient teams. Analyze team cohesion is a leader task for front-line supervisors, middle managers, and senior leaders.