Blue Water Advisors


Mike Wallace, CEO

Rick Dyksterhouse, ATP

Why train with us?


We partner with individuals, teams, and organizations to provide solutions to your leadership and career progression challenges. Above all, we value an enduring relationship, ensuring your vision is fulfilled through our network of current, credible, and relevant professionals.

Using a cohort-style experiential learning experience, our courses are led by experienced facilitators with experience in military and corporate environments. Training is primarily virtual, however, customized solutions are available for those looking for a more personal learning experience.

Rick is a retired Navy Command Master Chief with over 32 years in the Navy/Marine Corps. He specializes in strategic planning and communication, team building, instructional design, and nonprofit support.

Mike is a former Naval aviator who served as Commander Carrier Air Wing THREE, AIRLANT Chief of Staff, and Amazon Executive. His specialties are career progression, corporate hiring, and c-suite communication.

“This program is great! A dear friend certified RBLP-T and ever since then he has been more adaptive, listens more, and creates the type of dialog that inspires tangible change. That’s the type of leader my Sailors deserve. RBLP through BWA makes goodness into greatness. A can’t miss opportunity.”

“Rick makes people feel valuable. He reminded me that my successes had little to do with the rank I held but in what I did for others on a day-to-day basis. He shows and doesn’t just say” that he cares – routine check-ins, sharing vital information, and constant availability are only a few examples”

Discounts are available for military, veterans, first responders, corrections, and school staff.

Military and Federal funding through COOL and/or SF 182.

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