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Robert Flowers, CEO/Founder

Why train with us?

Chosen Path Coaching and Strategic Consulting are dedicated to providing a world-class experience to our clients. With over 27 years of Organizational Leadership and Facilitation experience in the Public/Private/Government sectors, we are confident this will be provided.

Our focus is to ensure that our clients fully master leadership concepts that will inspire resiliency, motivation, and team cohesion in their respective organizations.

The application and cross-pollination of RBLP skillsets will enable our clients to engage in constructive dialogue, and promote respect between team members, empathy, psychological safety, and collective efficacy at every level of the organization. This is a win-win!!!

Break down those walls!!! The skills learned upon completion of training and certification will decrease employee attrition, improve communications among team members, achieve organizational goals, and increase the unity of effort. Without a doubt, you will be a better leader and fully understand the concepts after the completion of our training sessions.

We are proud to provide RBLP exam prep training to any organization that wants its leaders to increase their leadership knowledge and earn their professional certification.

You will be well prepared to build and lead resilient teams to make organizational learning and change possible.

Be the change you want to see in your organization. It starts with you. Lead from the Front!

Chosen Path Coaching and Strategic Consulting is fully flexible to attend to the needs of clients. We are available to provide exam prep training to clients in every time zone and are willing to adjust to meet the client’s needs.

For information regarding our Pro Bono training for Non-Profit Organizations, please contact us.

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