Courageous Leadership Alliance (CLA)


Todd Simmons, Chief Vision Officer

Why train with us?

Driven by our mission to serve, Courageous Leadership Alliance was founded in 2018 and has been a leading force dedicated to the mission of change. We are dynamic change agents ready to assist you and your organization as you develop boldly and lead courageously. We are proud to be the first-ever authorized training partner (ATP) for the RBLP certification program. We are also the first to deliver in-person boot camps and virtual group training. It is our mission to provide organizational leaders with valuable assessment tools, comprehensive data, and innovative strategies and insights to propel both people and mission towards success and achievement. Our facilitators are experienced and proven industry leaders with a combined 250 years of experience. We have worked with companies from Amazon, NASA, U.S Army, U.S Space Force, U.S Air Force, and several other companies from several sectors.

Specialties: Development, Training, Consulting, Leadership Training, Business Development, Professional Development, Coaching, Executive Training, Personal Development, Workshop, Leadership Development, and Collective Resilience training.

We also provide training in Spanish.

We offer public school and health care industry discounts.

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Email: info@courageouslead.com
Phone: 202-982-2600
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