Press Releases

Resilience-Building Leader Program (RBLP) approved for GI Bill Funding.

Resilience-Building Leader Program, the nationally recognized series of leadership certifications for front-line supervisors, middle managers, and senior leaders, today announced approval for GI Bill Education Benefits Funding. The Department of Veterans Affairs will provide funding reimbursement for the RBLP, RBLP-C, and RBLP-T certification exams under Chapters 30, 32, 33, 35, & 1606.

Resilience-Building Leader Program Partners with The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA)

The past two years have demonstrated the need for organizations to adopt agile practices, implemented by leaders who maintain a unique skillset to weather adversity under rapidly changing markets. Once again, as uncertainty rises in economies around the world, the need for resilient leadership comes to the foreground of organizational survival,” says Dr. Edwin Blanton, Ph.D, Assistant Vice Provost for Corporate Initiatives & Business Development at The University of Texas at San Antonio. “We are excited to partner with the RBLP team to bring future-focused leadership skills training to San Antonio. This collaboration will provide our diverse business community with a program aimed at preparing leaders to thrive in changing and challenging environments.”

Resilience-Building Leader Program Partners with Learn In

“Leadership skills play a critical role in an employee’s upskilling journey,” says Yael Gilboa Kaufmann, Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer of Learn In. “We’re thrilled to collaborate with the Resilience-Building Leader Program as a partner. Their commitment to developing leadership skills for individuals at companies across industries and roles brings strength, agility, and flexibility to organizations and their employees.”

Resilience-Building Leader Program Partners with Georgia Southern University

“Georgia Southern University’s Division of Continuing Education has always championed working professionals in our local communities and across the country, and we know the Resilience-Building Leader Program holds immense value not just for our team but for business leaders and industry experts as well,” shared Deedee Southerlin, Ed.D., Division of Continuing Education Program Manager. “We are honored and thrilled to be an Authorized Training Partner with RBLP to provide essential, top-notch exam preparation for Georgia’s workforce and beyond.”

Resilience-Building Leader Program Partners with Pepperdine University Graduate School of Education and Psychology

“It is a pleasure for the School of Education and its world-class leadership program to partner with RBLP and its groundbreaking research and training on the much-needed topics of Building Resilient Teams and leadership,” says Farzin Madjidi, Associate Dean of Education at Pepperdine’s Graduate School of Education and Psychology. “We are excited about this partnership and hope that we are able to leverage the work already done in the field to bring greater awareness around inclusive leadership and what that looks like in practice.”