Building Resilient Teams™

by RBLP Staff
4 hours per week for 3 weeks
3 Lessons
300 Students

Training for RBLP™, RBLP-C™, and RBLP-T™ certifications.


Creating a Positive Climate

Length: 240 minutesComplexity: Standard

Leaders create a positive climate by earning trust, treating people with respect, enforcing accountability, and encouraging people to have fun. High morale is a consequence of positive climate. People that work in a positive climate are more resilient.

Developing Cohesion

Length: 240 minutesComplexity: Standard

Leaders develop cohesion by working in teams, encourage trust between team members, and ensuring mutual respect between team members. Teamwork is a consequence of cohesion. People that are part of a cohesive team are more resilient.

Providing Purpose

Length: 240 minutesComplexity: Standard

Leaders provide purpose by encouraging learning and delegating responsibility. Motivation and commitment are the consequences of having purpose in the workplace. People that have purpose are more resilient.