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Jody Fletcher, Executive Coach

Why train with us?

Jody Fletcher and e5 Professional Coaching help organizations and individuals build the kind of culture that no one could imagine leaving. Jody’s leadership, culture, and communication skills are rooted in a three-decade military career that allows him to enter corporate environments with a different perspective. He’s worked at the Executive level in organizations with more than 45k people and multi-billion-dollar budgets; he knows what it takes to lead incredible teams rooted in a great culture.

Jody is deeply skilled in Operations Management, Organizational Leadership, Cross-functional Team Leadership, Coaching, Mentorship, and Public Speaking. He’s a Resilience Building Leader Program – Trainer, Certified Authentic Leadership Coach, and holds certifications in EQI and TILT assessments. Additionally, he’s been to every leadership course the military has to offer and coached countless service members and teams to succeed.

Jody has coached multiple C-suite Executives in building better culture through increased self-awareness and helped organizations find their way to amazing culture through increased communication and resilient teamwork. He served in combat with small, highly elite, Reconnaissance and Special Operations teams, advised Generals, sat with Heads of State and Distinguished Members of Foreign Governments, and had tea with village elders deep in the middle of enemy-held territory. Jody has led and experienced team dynamics at every possible level in an organization and brings that knowledge and experience into the RBLP process.

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