Educare of Omaha Joins RBLP’s Giving Back Program

Educare students in the classroom

RBLP continues to be immensely proud of our Giving Back initiative, offering professional leadership certifications to terrific nonprofit organizations at no cost. And it is with great pride that we can announce that we are working with the Omaha, Nebraska chapter of Educare in Building Resilient Teams ™.

Educare students in the classroomEducare was established in 2000 in Chicago, growing rapidly from one school to a powerful network serving thousands of children from birth through age five in schools across the country. What started with approximately 150 students rapidly grew to a movement across America, helping to serve kids in underprivileged areas and working toward narrowing the achievement gap for more children living in poverty by building more schools and creating a network of early learning champions around the country.

The Educare model is based on research from early childhood development, education, social work and other allied fields. Four core features compose the organization’s model: data utilization, embedded professional development, high-quality teaching practices and intensive family engagement. These principles encompass an approach that extends beyond the classroom and delivers invaluable developmental skills for children in their formative years.

Educare Omaha students and teachers

Educare Omaha was the second school established in the organization, built alongside Kellom Elementary School. Six years later, a second Omaha location opened on the south side of Omaha at Indian Hill Elementary; today, both locations boost the quality and effectiveness of other early childhood programs and serve as demonstration sites where lawmakers and business leaders can learn about the wisdom of investing in the first five years of a child’s education.

RBLP’s first Educare leader is Amie Coomes, MS, MPA of the Indian Hill chapter. Amie had this to say about her training:

“At the beginning of one of the most challenging circumstances in my career, I was looking for a professional development opportunity that would pair my leadership philosophy with additional tools to support and guide my team to success. By the emphasis of my work being placed on people development, I was able to develop cohesion and provide purpose to a non-traditional way of implementing early childhood education and learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. As I was looking to increase my effectiveness as a leader and provide a roadmap for my teams to have long term gain, the Resilience-Building Leader Program was a prime educational tool to prepare me. The learning process was independent, but reflective with the coaching component. I would recommend any organizational leader to engage in this Leadership learning process!”

Watch a video from the Educare Omaha team inside the classroom…

To learn more about Educare, visit them on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube, and see their website for more detailed information about their programs.

Taking care of our community is a core value at the Resilience-Building Leader Program. Our primary Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative is to provide RBLP exam prep training and leadership certifications to front-line supervisors, middle managers, and senior leaders at selected charitable nonprofit organizations at no cost.

Learn more about how we are Giving Back to the community.


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