Engage 2 Perform


Patrick De Meester, Lead Advisor/Coach

Sheri De Meester, Lead Healthcare Advisor/Coach

Why train with us?

Engage2 Perform is a Canadian company focused on enabling the individuals and teams we work with to build resilience, higher performance, and create an impact in their lives and their work. For over 20 years our team has worked with teams in multiple industries including deep experience in healthcare, manufacturing, professional service-based businesses, and construction and mining. We work with senior leadership, divisional and line management, and front-line teams separately and together to create more rewarding work and life experiences and higher performance.

RBLP training is provided in individual and group sessions both in-person and remotely. Contact us for group pricing. Both English and French can be accommodated.

We offer discounts to non-profit organizations. All pricing is in CAD.

Email: pat@engage2.ca
Phone: 519-851-2848
Financing: None