by Robin Camarote

Book description from the publisher.

It is as fundamental to being human as our basic need for comfort and connection. When we’re feeling effective and seeing results, we’re high. Conversely, when our ability to effect change at work ebbs—as it does from time to time—we get restless and even question our fit, our purpose, and whether it’s all worth it.

To have a professional impact and see our ideas take off, two essential conditions must exist:

1. A quality idea
2. Support from our leadership.

Often, the challenge isn’t hatching the idea. It’s getting it off the ground. Sometimes the greatest hurdle is right in front of us: our boss, our leadership. Our leaders, by definition, question goals, and objectives—to approve the time and money to be invested in achieving them and, ultimately, to support or squash the transition from “I have an idea” to its reality.

In Flock, Getting Leaders to Follow you’ll discover how to toss out the generic process prescriptions and instead create an “ask” that focuses on the anticipated greater good. It is this approach that will yield true leadership support and ensure that your best ideas are more than just heard.

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