Gold Oak Leaf Solutions


Jason R. Burgan, CEO/Founder

Why train with us?

If you’re looking for a down-to-earth, authentic instructor who will guide you through the RBLP curriculum to ensure you are:
1) fully prepared for the RBLP examination, and
2) equipped to implement core competencies in your workplace,
then Gold Oak Leaf Solutions is for you.

Gold Oak Leaf Solutions is a sole proprietorship based in the Rock Hill, SC, region. Established by Jason Burgan in 2021, the only business service offered is RBLP exam preparation training.

Through RBLP exam preparation training, Jason facilitates your:
1) analysis of the RBLP core competencies,
2) evaluation of your personal leadership style/approach, and
3) creation of new knowledge and methodologies to improve resilience in your teams and support a competitive advantage in your organization.

Am I a leadership expert? Nope.
Do I have 20 years of experience leading Marines, a love for facilitating adult education, and an insatiable appetite for learning? Yes.

Will I unlock all the secrets of being a leader and load you with thousands of cliché leadership phrases? Nope.
Do I enjoy the opportunity to facilitate a discussion, provide mentorship, and learn from your experience, all while preparing you to successfully complete the RBLP examination? Yes.

Very simply, my desire is to help you “Achieve your Goals.”

Email: goldoakleafsolutions@gmail.com
Phone: 505-803-4979
DUNS: 118327922 CAGE: 96JB4
Financing: None