Giving Back

Giving Back Program

Our primary Giving Back initiative is to provide exam prep training and certification exams to front-line leaders (RBLP) and middle managers (RBLP-C) at selected charitable nonprofits at no cost.

Nonprofit work is especially challenging. Nonprofit organizations need resilient teams that can adapt and grow together in the face of adversity. When people in an organization are collectively resilient, the organization is stronger because resilience makes learning and change possible.

We donated exam prep training and leadership certifications valued at over $100,000 to people working at charitable nonprofits in CY2020. Our goal for 2021 is $120,000 of in-kind donations.

Contact Mark Holman, VP of Partnerships, at mark.holman@resiliencebuildingleader.com for more information.

Why do we support charitable nonprofits?

According to FundThePeople.org:

    • Foundations use only 1% of grant dollars to support staff development in grantee organizations, and nonprofits have little incentive or capital to invest in their people.
    • The investment deficit creates a bottleneck in nonprofit leadership. Too many diverse, talented leaders never join the field, remain stuck in neutral or simply burn-out.
    • This situation is an existential threat to nonprofit performance, impact and sustainability.
    • Replacing the old myths of overhead and martyrdom with a positive new mindset can lift up the dignity and powerful contributions of nonprofit workers.


Sea Services Scholarship. The Sea Services Scholarship was established in 2019. Individual service members of all ranks in the Marine Corps, Navy, and Coast Guard are eligible. The scholarship may be used to offset the cost of RBLP, RBLP-C, and RBLP-T exam prep training courses only. Service members participating in funded unit training are not eligible for the scholarship. During CY 2020, over $250,000 in Sea Service Scholarships were awarded to individual service members. This scholarship is sponsored by Dr. Gene Coughlin. He is a retired Marine Infantry Weapons Officer and the Founder of the Resilience-Building Leader Program.

Military Spouses Scholarship. The Military Spouses Scholarship was established in 2021. This scholarship may be used to offset the cost of RBLP and RBLP-C exam prep training courses and certification exams. These scholarships are sponsored jointly by the Resilience-Building Leader Program and Military Spouse Jobs (powered by CASY). Applications are now open through June 30th, 2021; visit this link for more information.

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