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Our certification exams provide the public with a reliable mechanism for certifying that our credential holders have met relevant competency standards. Our exam processes and procedures ensure that all our credential holders demonstrate their competence adequately and fairly.

The RBLP, RBLP-C and RBLP-T exams are issued orally in English or Spanish by exam administrators via Microsoft Teams video conference. No special software downloads are required.

Why do we conduct oral certification exams?

We utilize oral certification exams because leadership knowledge and skills can be tested more effectively by oral exam than by written examination. The advantages of an oral exam include:

    • Provides an opportunity to tailor questions specific to the examinee’s experience and current situation.
    • Provides an opportunity to assess the examinee’s use of competency domain skills and knowledge to apply, analyze, and evaluate in specific situations.
    • Provides flexibility to move from one topic to another as required.
    • Provides an opportunity to probe the depth and breadth of the examinee’s skills and knowledge.

Our certification exams assess candidates in the following rating categories:

Factual knowledge

This knowledge dimension is about the key terms and ideas relevant to each competency domain. Candidates show competence in the knowledge dimension by knowing definitions, meanings, and specific details about applicable key terms and ideas.

Conceptual knowledge

This dimension is about the interrelationships among key terms and ideas within a relevant concept. Candidates show competence in this knowledge dimension by knowing how key terms and ideas function together to form a concept; by knowing classifications, categories, and principles; and by knowing theories, models, and structures.

Procedural knowledge

This dimension is about implementing processes and carrying out procedures in a specific situation. Candidates show competence in this knowledge dimension by knowing subject-specific skills, techniques, and methods; by knowing of criteria for determining when to use appropriate procedures; by discovering or revealing something through detailed examination; and by making judgments and decisions based on given criteria and standards.
The certification exams, scoring rubrics, scoring sheets, and all other testing or test-related materials remain the sole and exclusive property of the Resilience-Building Leader Program. These materials are confidential and are not available for review by any person or agency for any reason.