Air Force COOL has approved the RBLP, RBLP-C and RBLP-T certifications.

AF COOL is available to enlisted AFSCs for RegAF, AFRES, ANG, and USSF. Reservists and Guardsmen on Title 10 or Title 32 (502f) orders will be authorized to use AF COOL funding.

Check with Air Force COOL to determine eligibility. Funding will not exceed a maximum of $4,500 per lifetime per Air and Space professional.

Military service members can earn their leadership certification no matter where they are stationed globally.

The training provided by our partners and our certification exams are conducted online.

Air Force units may use unit funding through an SF182 and their government charge card to pay for exam prep training and our certification exams.

Our certifications are also approved for GI Bill Funding.

Levels of Certification

is for front-line supervisors.

Airmen at pay grades E4 and E5

is for middle managers.

Airmen at pay grades O1, O2, and E6

is for senior leaders.

Airmen at pay grades O3 and above; and E7-E9

Our college, university, leadership coach, and training company partners offer instructor-led programs in Building and Leading Resilient Teams that prepare people for our leadership certification exams. Check with Air Force COOL/CA for a list of approved providers. 

Air Force SNCO’s in the ranks of E-7 through E-9 are eligible for our leadership credential funded by AF COOL.

DAF enlisted members with no civilian credential match to their PAFSC may be eligible for our leadership credential, regardless of rank.

AF COOL does not fund certification exams for Officers.

Apply for Air Force COOL/CA funding to get started:

Request a quote for your certification exam. (You will also need a price quote from your training provider)

Learn more about the Air Force COOL Program 

Get answers to Airmen FAQs about Air Force Credentialing Assistance

Attention Master Resilience Trainers!

For airmen that are MRT qualified, or intend to become MRT qualified, the Resilience-Building Leadership Professional® (RBLP™) certifications are an excellent complement to your MRT training.

The Master Resilience Training Course focuses on the critical characteristics of individual resilience.

The RBLP leadership certifications focus on the leader skills required to build collective resilience.

Individual Resilience (MRT) + Collective Resilience (RBLP)

MRT Course Competencies

• Self-regulation
• Optimism
• Mental agility
• Strengths of character
• Connection

RBLP Certification Competencies

• Create a positive climate
• Develop cohesion
• Provide purpose
• Facilitate team learning
• Support organizational learning

Benefits of Certification

Global Reach

Airmen stationed all over the globe can earn an RBLP leadership certification because exam prep training and certification exams are conducted virtually by video conference.

Range of Experience

No matter where you are in your military career, you may benefit from getting a credential that is related to your Air Force training and experience.

Career Advancement

Earning a civilian credential may improve your prospects for assignments and promotion while you’re still in the Air Force. An RBLP leadership certification can be added to your official military record.

Civilian Translation

Credentialing can help translate your Air Force training, education, and experience into something that civilian employers recognize.

See what they’re saying.

Airmen who have earned certification through RBLP have a lot to say about the program.

RBLP sets itself apart from other certification programs. Exam delivery and follow-up are top-notch! After nearly three decades in the Air Force, I can say this is by far the most effective leadership development and certification program that I have experienced. 

Brent Sheehan


I was immediately drawn to RBLP and the certification process exceeded my expectations! If personalized, individual instruction combined with a curriculum that speaks to the heart of developing connected, high functioning, and resilient teams interests you, then RBLP is the program for you.  

Ryan Thyuns


I truly believe in this framework and it’s applications for building personal and organizational resilience. I developed a greater capacity in leadership competencies such as developing team cohesion and nurturing a “learning organization” mindset. As a practicing leader, I’m excited to implement what I learned. 

William Perkins


What a difference it makes to have a personal coach assigned to guide you through the exam prep and ensure you have a sound understanding of the concepts to be successful during the exam.  I look forward to applying my new skill set into action as I build on the knowledge gained through this certification.

Matthew Garza


The RBLP-T certification appealed to me because it fills in the conceptual gaps that connect everything together for a resilient team.  This was the missing piece of my leadership development education. Now I can tie seemingly disparate team dynamics together into a holistic leadership strategy.

Jessy Martin