Soldiers are earning the RBLP, RBLP-C and RBLP-T certifications.

The Army COOL and Credentialing Assistance (CA) program is available to enlisted Soldiers, Warrant Officers, and Officers serving in the Regular Army, Active Guard/Reserve (AGR), U.S, Reserve (USAR), and Army National Guard (ARNG).

Check with Army COOL/CA to determine eligibility requirements. Eligible Soldiers may receive up to $4,000 per fiscal year to cover exam prep training and certification exam costs.

Soldiers can earn their leadership certification no matter where they are stationed globally. The Resilience-Building Leadership Professional® (RBLP™) series of certification exams are conducted online.

For Soldiers competing for promotion to SGT and SSG, the Army has approved promotion points for the RBLP series of leadership certifications.

Army units may use SF182 and the government charge card to pay for exam prep training and our certification exams for groups. Please visit our FAQ page for more information.

The Building and Leading Resilient Teams training provided by our Education and Training Partners is offered online.

Our certifications are also approved for GI Bill® Funding. Visit our FAQ page and the VA website for more information.

Levels of Certification

is for front-line supervisors.

Soldiers at pay grades
E4 and E5

is for middle managers.

Soldiers at pay grades O1, O2, W1, and E6

is for senior leaders.

Soldiers at pay grades O3 and above; W2-W5; and E7 – E9

Apply for Army COOL/CA funding to get started:

Request a quote for your certification exam. (You will also need a price quote from your training provider)

Use Full Credential Search to find the RBLP, RBLP-C, and RBLP-T leadership certifications.  

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Attention Master Resilience Trainers!

For Soldiers that are MRT qualified, or intend to become MRT qualified, the Resilience-Building Leadership Professional® (RBLP™) certifications are an excellent complement to your MRT training.

The Master Resilience Training Course focuses on the critical characteristics of individual resilience.

The RBLP leadership certifications focus on the leader skills required to build and lead resilient teams.

Resilient Individuals (MRT) + Resilient Teams (RBLP)

MRT Course Competencies

• Self-regulation
• Optimism
• Mental agility
• Strengths of character
• Connection

RBLP Certification Competencies

• Create a positive climate
• Develop cohesion
• Provide purpose
• Facilitate team learning
• Support organizational learning

Benefits of Certification

Global Reach

Soldiers stationed all over the globe can earn an RBLP leadership certification because exam prep training and certification exams are conducted virtually by video conference.

Range of Experience

No matter where you are in your military career, you may benefit from getting a credential that is related to your Army training and experience.

Career Advancement

Earning a civilian credential may improve your prospects for assignments and promotion while you’re still in the Army. An RBLP leadership certification can be added to your official military record.

Civilian Translation

Credentialing can help translate your Army training, education and experience into something that civilian employers recognize.

See what they’re saying.

Soldiers who have earned certification through RBLP have a lot to say about the program.

The RBLP-T certification program took my 20+ years of leadership experience in the US Army and gave me actionable ways to teach/help others build teams and organizations that thrive in the face of adversity and change. 

Teresa Bodner


The Resilience-Building Leader Program is by far one of the most valuable certification programs that every Soldier should add to their professional training pathway. 

Algrish Williams


This certification has enabled me to take the leadership, team building, and resiliency skills that the military has taught me over the past 20 years and utilize them in ways that I never thought imaginable.

Greg Freeman


After 19 years in the military, graduating from Grad School with a Masters of Science in Organizational Leadership; I honestly thought there was no other program or training that would challenge me, and prepared me for my current position and future opportunities. However, the RBLP-T program took things to another level. I honestly found myself applying everything I learned in each session at work and in my daily life. This program is a must for Leaders that want to change those they lead for the good of the organization and for the better of society

Ephraim Varela


Teams and organizations succeed not solely through individual success but rather by the forging of strong collections of individuals through teamwork and resilience where both mission and vision can align. The RBLP-T certification program took the lessons learned and doctrinal knowledge from over 20 years of service and nested them into a professional credentialing program that should be mandatory for all FLLs who aspire to lead successful and resilient teams.

Gabriel Sweger