Coast Guard COOL has approved the RBLP, RBLP-C, and RBLP-T certifications.

Eligible enlisted service members may apply for two credentials per fiscal year. The Credentials Program Office administers the Credentialing Assistance (CA) program that will pay for eligible credentialing exams, recertification fees, and maintenance fees. Funding will be authorized on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Check with Coast Guard COOL to determine eligibility requirements for enlisted Coast Guardsmen (E4 to E9) and warrant officers.  

Military service members can earn their leadership certification no matter where they are stationed globally.

The training provided by our partners and our certification exams are conducted online.

Coast Guard units may use SF182 and the government charge card to pay for exam prep training and our certification exams.

Our certifications are also approved for GI Bill Funding.

Levels of Certification

is for front-line supervisors.

Coast Guardsmen at pay grades
E4 and E5

is for middle managers.

Coast Guardsmen at pay grade
O1, O2, and E6

is for senior leaders.

Coast Guardsmen at pay grades O3 and above; W2-W4; and E7-E9

Our Authorized Education Partners (AEPs) and Authorized Training Partners (ATPs) offer instructor-led certificate, coaching, and training programs in Building and Leading Resilient Teams that prepare people for our leadership certification exams.

Apply for Coast Guard COOL funding to get started:

Use Full Credential Search to find the RBLP, RBLP-C, and RBLP-T leadership certifications

Learn more about the Coast Guards COOL Program 

Review the Coast Guards COOL Funding FAQ

Benefits of Certification

Global Reach

Coast Guardsmen stationed all over the globe can earn an RBLP leadership certification because exam prep training and certification exams are conducted virtually by video conference.

Range of Experience

No matter where you are in your military career, you may benefit from getting a credential that is related to your Coast Guard training and experience.

Career Advancement

Earning a civilian credential may improve your prospects for assignments and promotion while you’re still in the Coast Guard. An RBLP leadership certification can be added to your official personnel record.

Civilian Translation

Credentialing can help translate your Coast Guard training, education, and experience into something that civilian employers recognize.

See what they’re saying.

Service members who have earned certification through RBLP have a lot to say about the program.

I’d highly recommend this to all professionals, especially front-line leaders. I wish there were an opportunity like this earlier in my career. I would have been a better leader, quickly increasing retention and overall morale. Highly recommend members of the U.S. Coast Guard earn their certification.

Eric Risner


This certification is an amazing way to translate all the leadership training service members receive, which all too often doesn’t translate to the civilian sector well. 

Brandon Andriot


The RBLP-T certification should be required for every new Chief Petty Officer in the Navy. 

Cristopher Silva


I have strongly encouraged my superiors, peers, and subordinates to consider this certification program.  

Daniel King


I have served in leadership positions for a long time (>20 years) and I can honestly say this certification process is one of the best I have been through. It really helped me to refocus on the highly important priority of building resilient teams to create learning organizations.

David Carter