Exam Prep Study Tools

Only $24.95 per month!

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We encourage applicants for the RBLP® series of leadership certification exams to use our new Exam Prep Study Tools to improve their learning experience.

The study tools use spaced repetition technology.

Spaced repetition study tools are especially effective for adult learners who study in shorter yet more frequent sessions.

It’s a personalized and self-paced method to retain information longer, which ensures that learners become more competent and confident as they prepare for their certification exam.

Each competency domain quiz uses flashcards to reinforce understanding of key terms and ideas.

The domain quizzes also have dozens of scenario-based questions that allow users to test their factual (what), conceptual (why), and procedural (how) knowledge by matching the scenario to the most applicable leader task in that domain.

Applicable modules from the Building and Leading Resilient Teams exam prep course are uploaded to each of the Exam Prep Study Tools along with audio versions of each lesson.

Additional bonus video content is also included.

See mobile screenshots of the RBLP Exam Prep Study Tool below.