Leadership is a Relationship

by Michael S. Erwin and Willys DeVoll

Book description from the publisher.

In Leadership is a Relationship, accomplished founders and authors Michael S. Erwin and Willys DeVoll deliver an insightful collection of interviews with leaders who have succeeded by prioritizing the well-being of other people. Featuring fresh stories from leaders like Olympic legend Kerri Walsh Jennings, former Secretary of Veterans Affairs Bob McDonald, and visionary principal Dr. Virginia Hill, the book shows how you too can become a relationship-based leader and thrive in our chaotic, digital world. By highlighting role models from different careers, backgrounds, skill sets, and schools of thought, the authors offer readers an inspiring antidote to one of the most serious—and underreported—crises of our era: the damage that digital distractions have done to our personal relationships.

The book offers:

  • Concrete strategies for combating the depersonalization of the Information Age and strengthening our connections with other people
  • Real stories of how people from Olympic champions to small-business owners have put people first
  • Takeaway tips for the busy reader who needs quick insight or hopes to use the book in a modular curriculum for their organization or class

Perfect for anyone who wants lead both morally and effectively, Leadership is a Relationship provides a concise and convincing argument that leaders who put people first have the best chance of succeeding in the twenty-first century.

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