Leadership Is About Behavior, Not Titles

by Shon Barnwell

Book description from the publisher.

“Leadership is About Behavior, Not Titles” teaches leaders worldwide how to apply AIR: action, impact, and results. The author offers insightful stories and concludes each chapter with relatable assignments that enhance knowledge and sharpen skills to produce measurable results. The book covers nine leadership behaviors that all leaders experience at some point in their careers. Hailed as “the book every person wished they had” before their first job or college, transitioning from co-worker to boss, or leading within an organization – the author’s approach allows you to instantly apply newly gained knowledge.  

In addition to highlighting specific leadership traits, the book also addresses the five RBLP Competency Domains: (1) Create Positive Climate, (2) Develop Cohesion, (3) Provide Purpose, (4) Facilitate Team Learning, and (5) Support Organizational Learning.  When you embrace concepts presented in this book, you position yourself to provide your team with world-class leadership, unfaltering respect and honesty, and remarkable team unity. 

Correlation to Resilience-Building Leader Program Competency Domains

Create Positive Climate – Chapters 1, 4, and 8 covers character, courage, emotional intelligence, and integrity. The chapters clarify the importance of relationships based on professionalism and mutual respect. 

Develop Cohesion – Chapters 2 and 3 highlights the power of optimistic thinking and showcases impactful leadership.  Readers gain insight into the power of evaluating setbacks to improve innovation to develop high-performing teams. 

Provide Purpose – Chapter 5 presents the benefits of a visionary mindset.   

Facilitate Team Learning – Chapters 6 and 7 champion learning and teaching culture to achieve team goals.   

Support Organizational Learning – Chapter 9 illustrates the role of leaders worldwide, which is to successfully express shared visions to collectively solve problems. 

The author acknowledges that leading others is a challenging and sometimes frustrating effort. She also states that leading teams will likely be one of your most rewarding life experiences. Don’t be afraid to take the first step to build your skills!  

Shon Barnwell’s greatest joy is helping people realize and achieve their goals. This book is an excellent resource for professional development programs, mentoring sessions, roundtable discussions, workshops, professional reading lists, book clubs, growth and development initiatives, and emerging leader training, to name a few applications. 

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