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Duncan MacLeod, CEO

Why train with us?

Life is a story, and we each have one. Thank you for choosing to be a part of ours and helping us write the next chapter!

Live. Learn. Serve. Lead. These bedrock principles allow MACCG to deliver actionable leadership skills that can be used by any person, at any level in any industry. Purpose-driven to Live authentically and intentionally, we strive to Learn something new every day. To faithfully serve others in accordance with their needs, we choose to Lead every day, aware of our actions and impact.

With over 26 years of successful corporate and military leadership experience, coupled with formal schooling in Executive Leadership, we are uniquely positioned to provide diverse perspectives that cover a variety of industries. Each session revolves around a candid dialogue between the facilitator and participants seeking to learn the “what”, the “why” and the “how” of building and leading resilient teams.

Training from MACCG will prepare you to take and successfully pass the certification exam. While our goal is to prepare you for the exam, our mission of delivering actionable leadership skills is designed to support both your professional and personal growth. The knowledge, skills, and perspectives are applicable across the spectrum of everyday life, regardless of what “chapter” of life you are in. You will be able to proactively and consciously put these skills to use, ensuring you are the author, and most importantly, the main character of your story.

Thank you again for choosing to be a part of our story!

We offer a 15% discount on exam preparation fee for Fire, Police, EMS, Corrections, and Teachers

Exam prep training types: One-on-one instructor-led online, Instructor-led online workshop, Instructor-led on-site workshop
RBLP instructor-led virtual exam prep: $395 for 3 sessions
RBLP-C instructor-led virtual exam prep: $695 for 5 sessions
RBLP-T instructor-led virtual exam prep: $995 for 7 sessions
Instructor-led on-site group exam prep workshop: Request pricing
Financing: Yes
Employer education assistance funding: Yes
Military funding: Government credit card with SF 182 for all services
Federal agency funding: Government credit card with SF 182
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 757-354-2509
DUNS: 118322849 CAGE: 96A51

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