Meet the Team: Interview with Jeff Dixon, RBLP-T

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In the latest installment of our ongoing #MeetTheTeam series – where we introduce you to the excellent team of instructors at RBLP – we’re speaking with Jeff Dixon, RBLP-T!

Photo provided by Jeff Dixon.Hi Jeff! Thanks for chatting with us. Tell us a little about who you are and where you’re from.

I am from a small town in upstate New York. I joined the Marine Corps because my dad served, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do and it sounded interesting.  I had completed trade school as an electrician and couldn’t be a journeyman apprentice until I turned 21.  I had only planned on serving four years, and then back to becoming an electrician.

In what ways did your plans change course, and was that a result of your experiences in the military or other factors?

Once in the Marine Corps I was assigned to the Reconnaissance field (Special Operations), and I enjoyed it so much I asked myself at the end of each enlistment, “Will I enjoy myself more if I leave the Corps or if I stay?”  The rest is history.

What can you tell us about your education and career background before you started working with RBLP? 

I have an A.S. in Business Administration, and a B.S. in Business Administration with a focus on management. I have completed required coursework in Program Management and my Trainer certification in RBLP.

You’ve had a highly decorated career in the U.S. Marine Corps. What are some of your fondest memories or proudest achievements? 

I was fortunate to spend my younger years in the Reconnaissance field and infantry units, where I worked with some wonderful people and was a member of some very successful teams.  In my senior years, I lead a couple of installations/bases and prior to retirement I was fortunate enough to become the Senior Enlisted Leader for the seven Marine Corps installations on the west coast.  My fondest memories were putting together teams and preparing them for deployments, watching them learn and grow into highly effective units was very rewarding.  My proudest achievement was to act as the regional lead for the program that resulted in the replacement of old living quarters with modern units that were titled the “Best of Breed,” which would be the example for the entire Marine Corps and the envy of the Department of Defense.

Who is a role model that you’ve interacted with in your life that inspired you toward this career trajectory?

My father. His stories of the Marine Corps sounded very interesting, and we didn’t have many options for a high school graduate except trying to find a local job.

Family photo provided by Jeff Dixon.What drew you to the role that you’re fulfilling with RBLP as a certification instructor?

I met Mark Saye at a networking event. When I was introduced to the program, I realized how my leadership style so mirrored the fundamentals of the RBLP.  Once I had a lesson with Dr. Gene Coughlin, I knew this was a program that I agreed with and could put my support behind.  In this case I know anyone who learns from this program will become a better leader and build more resilient teams.  

In your mind, what is the best definition of “resilience” for those who might be unfamiliar with the program that RBLP offers? 

Resilience is the ability to overcome obstacles, setbacks, or adversity.  True resilience is where an individual or a team not only overcomes these items but becomes stronger by doing it.

What are the three most important components, in your opinion, that you try to convey to every team that you train under the RBLP certification program? 

Create a positive climate, develop cohesion, and provide purpose.

What is one of your own best personal experiences in your career that has influenced or inspired you in your certification training?

Nothing is more satisfying than watching a group of individuals bond into a team and become successful together when given the right leadership, atmosphere, trust, and purpose.  The personal satisfaction of helping to create teams like that is priceless.

In your time as an RBLP instructor, what is one of your best memories and why?

The reaction of a client when they finally get a difficult subject that they are trying to understand.

Family photo provided by Jeff DixonDo you feel as though applying real-world experiences to the tenets of the course helps in this regard?

Yes, through my years of experience I have become a good storyteller and a story to help illustrate a point helps immensely.

Pivoting a bit from the program – tell us a little about yourself outside of work! What other activities or hobbies do you love? 

I enjoy DIY projects around the house, but I love to spend time with my grandchildren and watch them turn into little adults.  I just had a new grandson, born on June 1, 2020.

Can you give us a quotation that you feel really inspires you to continue inspiring others?

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.” – John Quincy Adams

RBLP leadership certifications are about Building Resilient Teams™ that overcome adversity and then can adapt and grow together! 

Learn more about the requirements for the RBLP Certification program, and if you’re ready to begin your training feel free to fill out our application!

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