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L.J. Macko, ICF ACC Level Coach, Strategy Management Professional (SMP)

Why train with us?

Our goal at Navigator Strategic Leadership Solutions is to help you become a better leader of yourself and of others. Since you accessed this page from the RBLP site, you already understand that the RBLP program is a collective resilience-focused leadership program. We can help you work to obtain the RBLP Certification by completing self-study exercises/online sessions which can improve/broaden your leadership skills and understanding of collective resilience.

Navigator SLS can also provide you with the edge you need to increase your competitiveness in the civilian job market. We provide the RBLP training material with added insights acquired from not just the military leadership viewpoint but also those gained from extensive commercial/USG civilian sector experience. These added insights can better prepare you for the added complexities of leading a diverse workforce who never served in the military and were exposed to various leadership styles.

LinkedIn is filled with posts by frustrated veterans unable to obtain meaningful employment that recognizes their military experience/leadership ability. Less than 10% of the population have served in the military, were exposed to a military lifestyle, or understand the huge amount of responsibility/trust placed in military leaders/service members during their careers. As a result, communicating the value you bring to a potential employer can be challenging. RBLP training provided with the “Navigator touch” can help you bridge that communication gap.

The pricing for the RBLP training levels is detailed below. At Navigator SLS however, for the same price, we include the Profile XT™ Leadership Approach Assessment, a $190 value. The PXT Leadership Approach can provide you with a better understanding of your executive potential and how you deal with challenges on your path to leadership excellence by relating your characteristics to leadership behaviors.

Please reach out to [email protected] with any questions or to discuss customized training solutions.

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