NOVA Joins RBLP’s Giving Back Program


RBLP’s #GivingBack program is bringing on board a variety of outstanding nonprofits this year, offering RBLP leadership certifications at no cost. Today we’re thrilled to announce that we are certifying team members from the National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA).

NOVA members at an eventFounded in 1975, NOVA is a 501(c)(3) membership organization comprised of victim assistance professionals committed to ensuring quality victim services and upholding the rights of all victims/survivors in our society. NOVA aspires to the highest goals and ethical standards, continuing to identify new ways to empower and support victims of crime and crisis. 

A leader in the Victims’ Rights Movement, NOVA is the oldest national victim assistance organization of its kind and it remains on the cutting edge of best practices in victim services and crisis response efforts. NOVA promotes, advances and enforces fundamental rights for all victims in federal, state, juvenile, and tribal justice systems, as well as in military and campus administrative hearings. 

NOVA Exective Director Claire Ponder Selib

NOVA’s highlight of the year is their Annual Training Event, an inspiring 4 days of workshops, keynote speeches, networking and more. Through this event, NOVA offers over 100 workshops on a diverse set of topics in the field and dynamic speakers who share their mission to uphold dignity and compassion for survivors of crime.

Throughout the year, NOVA provides a variety of professional development and training opportunities to support those working with victims/survivors of trauma. Despite the many challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic, in 2020 NOVA was proud to train nearly 10,000 individuals in all 50 states and across the globe through their live webinars, virtual events and online academies. In 2021, they have plans to provide enhanced professional development and connection opportunities both at home and abroad as they create new and innovative ways to support the victim assistance community and the survivors they serve.

NOVA’s staff are being instructed by Rosette Obedoza, who volunteered her time to teach the exam prep training course.

Watch this YouTube clip from NOVA, about their Crisis Response Team (CRT) training…

NOVA volunteer at an event To learn more about NOVA, visit them on FacebookLinkedIn, and Twitter, and see their website for more detailed information about their programs.

Taking care of our community is a core value at the Resilience-Building Leader Program. Our primary Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative is to provide RBLP exam prep and leadership certifications to front-line supervisors, middle managers, and senior leaders at selected charitable nonprofit organizations at no cost.

Learn more about how we are Giving Back to the community.

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