People Always Mindset


Todd Sullivan, Owner/Coach

Why train with us?

During my 30-year career (junior enlisted to senior officer) in the Navy, I often heard the phrase, “Mission first, people always.” Too often this meant mission at all costs…on the backs of our people.

I believe that if we employ a people always mindset, the team will accomplish their mission with a sense of fulfillment. People are our top asset, the difference between good and great, and the reason we enjoy success. If we want our organizations to excel, we must adopt a people always mindset.

The most impactful leaders look beyond pure result metrics and instead are people-oriented leaders who have a genuine care for his or her team. People always.

You are a real person first. We will work together to ensure you are getting the most out of your course, out of your work, and out of life. People always.

I am a facilitator for the RBLP learning – together we will ensure you have a great understanding of the material and are ready for your exam. We will both learn in every session.

Aside from RBLP, I am a coach. I offer Life Transformation, Executive, Leadership, and Performance coaching.

I believe “coach” is a verb. As your coach, I will partner with you, and we will work together to make you better. You get to define what better means.

Let’s get started.

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