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Chris Mayfield, CEO

Why train with us?

Who should work with us? If you believe, as we do, that leadership development is an essential ingredient to success in career advancement and is the cornerstone of well-run businesses, then you may be a great fit to work with us. 

Our best clients are passionate about learning the art of leadership and implementing what they have learned in the real world. Let’s chat if you want recognition for being a professional leader who has a significant positive impact as they navigate their careers.

There is no question that when it comes to training and coaching, experience matters. At Profusion, all of our trainers are credentialed professionals and have a minimum of ten years in leadership positions. 

Our coaches use experiential learning techniques and coaching skills to facilitate reflection and critical thinking about each applicable leader task. This process of reflecting and thinking puts your prior leadership experience and education into context in preparation for the oral exam. 

We are so confident that, after receiving our exam prep training/coaching, you will pass your RBLP, RBLP-C or RBLP-T certification exam, that we offer additional FREE coaching if you are not successful on your first attempt.

Beyond coaching, you can be confident that the investment you make in coaching will be used in a way that benefits you and your organization. 

Profusion Consulting is a Virginia Benefit Corporation, and we donate all of our profits to charity. We are passionate about building a future where all people thrive and contribute to a better community.

10% discount for military, military dependents, and first responders

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