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Jeff Sabins, CEO

Aubrey Wrenn, COO

Why train with us?

How are you preparing your team for adverse conditions?

At Proven Valor Professionals, we guarantee you a standard of excellence that is backed by more than 30 years of military, business, and operational experience with succeeding in adverse situations. We believe that the key to building a winning team that can endure is making sure your teams are ready to face the challenges and adversity that organizations face, resiliency.

Jeff Sabins, the founder, and CEO of Proven Valor Professionals is a lifelong leader and served as an infantry machine gunner and unit leader in the Marine Corps. During one of his many combat deployments, Jeff was shot in the head by an enemy sniper, fought through his injuries to return to the fight, and was subsequently awarded the Purple Heart Medal. Jeff has earned an MS in Organizational Leadership, BA in Intelligence Studies, and multiple graduate-level certifications in Team Building, Servant Leadership, and Business Management to name a few.

Aubrey Wrenn, our COO, and lead instructor is a passionate and dedicated servant leader with 22 years of service as a Marine Artilleryman and Senior Enlisted Leader. With his experience from multiple combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, the Chief Instructor of Combat Instructor School, Training and Curriculum Program Manager, and a Resilience-Building Leader Program Trainer, Aubrey brings decades of leading, mentoring, and training diverse teams how to succeed through adverse conditions.

With a combined 30-plus years of leadership experience and knowledge on Building and Leading Resilient Teams, Proven Valor Professionals will provide you with superior quality training to increase your knowledge on building resilient teams.

We offer discounts for Veterans, First Responders, and Health Care Professionals. Contact us for details!

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