Leadership Mindset 2.0 by R. Michael Anderson

Book description from the publisher.

Leadership Mindset 2.0 is the seemingly counterintuitive, yet most effective approach to quickly becoming a top-tier leader.

The kind of leader that is truly confident, strategically effective, and creates highly engaged, skilled, and productive teams in any organization lucky enough to have them.

Better yet, this leadership “system” empowers leaders to do all of this WITHOUT unsustainable, unhealthy, or unethical bully tactics, micromanaging, or 24/7 work schedules.

Yes, this IS possible – and even EASY – when you have Leadership Mindset 2.0.

These are the same tools and techniques that organizations like Uber, Microsoft, Stanford University, and PwC have been hiring Michael to teach their top executives for years.

It’s all been simplified everything into an incredibly affordable, focused, and actionable book any aspiring or current leader can pick up and start using in a single sitting.

Here’s a snapshot of what’s in the book;

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