Radical Humility by Urs Koenig

Book description from the publisher.

When veteran executive coach, professor, and ultraendurance champion Urs Koenig signed up to be a NATO peacekeeping commander and United Nations peacekeeper in his fifties, he thought he knew a thing or two about leadership.

What he discovered was a new way of thinking that replaces the top-down, “heroic” leadership of the past with a more human-centered approach that views humility as a strength and key to achieving goals in today’s complex world.

The deeply researched Radical Humility framework centers on making five Shifts that will help you elevate your leadership from Heroic (THEN) to Humble (NOW):

» 1. Dig Deep—from blind spots (THEN) to self-awareness (NOW)
» 2. Tough on Results, Tender on People—from heavy-handed (THEN) to high-touch, high standards (NOW)
» 3. Lead Like a Compass—from micromanaging (THEN) to empowerment (NOW)
» 4. Full Transparency—from secrecy (THEN) to open doors (NOW)
» 5. Champion a Fearless Culture—from afraid to speak up (THEN) to fearless (NOW)

With a flair for storytelling that has inspired teams at Amazon, Starbucks, Microsoft, and the Society of Human Resource Management, Koenig shares his own compelling leadership journey as well as those of leaders from health care, government, tech, the military, professional sports, and more.

Radical Humility is packed with dozens of no-nonsense tools and practical takeaways, making it the ultimate actionable blueprint for a new type of leader for a new type of world.

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