Servant Leadership Roadmap by Cara H Bramlett

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Discover why this servant leadership book has been used all over the world to train managers into highly effective, influential leaders. Leaders of business, faith, education, non-profit organizations and more!

Imagine leading individuals through inspiration instead of just being the boss. Your team is INSPIRED to come to work every day. Your team feels VALUED and you feel FULLFILLED at the end of every day. Imagine creating an environment where everyone rises to their highest potential.

YOU lead the HIGH-PERFORMING team and rise above expectations. YOU have a devoted team of followers who follow you. YOU have less worry over the tasks being performed by your team.

Is this your world? It could be.

Servant leadership is the answer. It is the most powerful and influential style of leadership and is founded on morals and values. Discover a proven leadership style that has be applied to all types of organizations.

Learn how to know you are meeting the needs of your employees and ensure your employees are feeling VALUED! Discover how to lead individuals you don’t directly manage. Then, uncover the secret to influence that has others follow your lead and are loyal to you.

Learn the answer behind the question “can servant leadership be taught?” Spoiler alert – it is a skill that is developed like all other skills and here is your roadmap.

Learn how to master the 12 core competencies of Leadership

Act as a humble leader and learn how to dominant…

Discover why this book has been used all over the world to teach leaders!

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