You Are the Team by Michael Rogers

Book description from the publisher.

Has your company flat-lined?
Does your business stay stuck if you’re not working on it all day long?
If so, the problem isn’t your business, your employees, or your market. The solution lies somewhere else…
Did you know there’s a simple five-part formula—applicable for any company—that’ll help you build a custom structure that works for your company, and drastically grow it without needing an MBA?
Inside Pinnacle, bestselling author, entrepreneur, and leadership team coach Steve Preda, and Pinnacle Business Guides founder Gregory Cleary, will walk you through these principles. Filled with real-life anecdotes and practical approaches, you’ll learn how to grow your business, make your team more efficient and productive, and free some time from your schedule.

Among the invaluable lessons you’ll also learn are:

Whether you have a fear of missing out as you could be doing much better; an improvement-inclined business owner who wants to grow your business faster; or a domination-driven entrepreneur that desires to build the biggest and most profitable business, Pinnacle will help you take your company to the next level.

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