RBLP Pledges Support For Veterans Program FIX’D, Inc.

(From FIX'D Inc.'s Facebook page)
From FIX'D, Inc.'s website

From FIX’D, Inc.’s website

The Resilience-Building Leader Program is a proud supporter of FIX’D Inc., a veterans program, transitional resource and support organization that provides behavioral health services, accredited life coaching and peer support to veterans.

FIX’D is headquartered in the town of Tracy in Northern California, and works with the Veterans Treatment Courts to create tailored treatment plans that address PTSD, substance abuse, isolation, and a lack of a sense of purpose or peer support. 

The organization offers three distinct programs to veterans: the GET-FIX’D program, the FIX’D crisis line, and Operation Over-Hang. FIX’D program’s objectives include providing a viable alternative to the Veterans Affairs Administration to clients who are unable to receive timely mental health and substance abuse treatment, reducing the rates of veteran suicides, and more.

Here is a profile of FIX’D’s team and programs:

FIX’D serves veterans by creating customized, holistic 8 to 10-week treatment plans that adapt to their needs and schedule and consistently following up with clients. The veteran-to-veteran peer-support program is what makes FIX’D so unique and successful. In fact according to nearby UC Berkeley, FIX’D has an outstanding 97% success rate!

From FIX'D, Inc.'s website

From FIX’D, Inc.’s website

FIX’D has hundreds of success stories and endorsements. University of California Berkeley’s School of Public Policy determined the GET-FIX’D Veteran Treatment Court Program is operating at a 97% success rate, with many clients graduating into mentor roles.

In 2019, FIX’D founder, Jaime Medina and team spoke out against veteran homelessness, released a podcast about veteran suicide, held multiple fundraisers, graduated hundreds of veterans from the GET-FIX’D program, and were recognized as a top-rated nonprofit for the third year in a row.  

For more information on FIX’D Inc., visit them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


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