Take Flight

by T. Ryan Davis

Book description from the publisher.

In the Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Force (MPRF), VP-47 was down on their luck. Two back to back Commanding Officers were fired due to personal misconduct. The disgraced Skippers represented only the tip of the iceberg; a squadron mired in management misconduct and failed leadership. Command Climate and Culture surveys indicated leadership, communications, and morale ranked in the bottom amongst VP squadrons for years. Since then, the Sailors at VP-47 took command of their destiny, and their collective efforts ranked the squadron as #1 in morale, #1 in leadership, and #1 in communications. This incredible reversal seems unbelievable. How did the Sailors at VP-47 manage to make such a dramatic change? Cultivating culture through building trust, encouraging teamwork, communicating purpose, and handing over ownership were all essential elements of VP-47’s rise to the top. 

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