The Armed Services YMCA of San Diego Is Supported By RBLP

Armed Services YMCA Neighborhood Food Drive

Here at the Resilience-Building Leader Program we take great pride in our Giving Back initiative, offering professional leadership certifications to some outstanding nonprofit organizations. Today we’re thrilled to announce that we are working with the Armed Services YMCA of San Diego to train their staff in Building Resilient Teams ™.

Armed Services YMCA of San Diego Horse of the Sun RanchAs one of 13 chapters of the Armed Services YMCA across the United States, the ASYMCA of San Diego provides innovative and quality social, educational, and recreational programs to meet the needs of military service members and their families. They are committed to promoting the organization’s goals of strengthening military families, supporting healthy lifestyles, reducing isolation and assisting service members and their families in connecting to their community.

Through a variety of programs aimed at easing the burden of the families of junior-enlisted military personnel, the ASYMCA of San Diego works toward enhancing the lives of these families in spirit, mind and body, in ways that are relevant to the unique challenges of military life. They offer clinical counseling and support (alongside KMG Psychiatry in San Diego), as well as wounded and injured services including urgent needs support, recreation services, dog therapy and more.

Armed Services YMCA of San Diego Operation Kid ComfortAmong the highlights of these programs are the Horse of the Sun Ranch, an equestrian facility in nearby Pine Valley, CA which offers respite activities through physical activities including horseback riding and more; Camp Hero, a day camp program that serves military children with academic, recreational and leadership-based enrichment; and Operation Kid Comfort, which provides every child 0-17 years of age with a quilt made with photos from his or her parent, hand-made by a volunteer and delivered to provide warm memories to carry them through the parent’s deployment.

The staff from ASYMCA San Diego were instructed by Jeff Dixon, Greg Binford, Matthew Brink, Anthony Spadaro, Jason Burgan, Oscar Ornelas, Rosette Obedoza, Chris Salmon, Damien Coan, Duncan Macleod, Elizabeth Baker, and Joseph Henry.

Watch this video from one of the ASYMCA of San Diego’s recent Neighborhood Food Distribution events:

To learn more about the ASYMCA of San Diego, visit them on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn, and see their website for detailed information about their programs as well as how you can volunteer or make a donation to support their efforts.

Taking care of our community is a core value at the Resilience-Building Leader Program. Our primary Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative is to provide RBLP exam prep training and leadership certifications to front-line supervisors, middle managers, and senior leaders at selected charitable nonprofit organizations at no cost.

Learn more about how we are Giving Back to the community.

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