The Great Resignation

by Russ Hill and Jared Jones

Book description from the publisher.

The era of adult daycare is over. The way we work has changed permanently. Leaders who fail to adapt will lose their best people. It’s why millions are leaving their jobs!

“We’ve had every leader in our organization read The Great Resignation. Employees are demanding more flexibility and other changes in how we lead. We must adapt or risk losing our best people.” – John Dawson

You can’t send 70% of the global workforce home for an extended period of time and not expect their priorities to shift. Add to that the discontent that’s been growing in most companies for years and you can start to see why there’s so much movement in the job market.

In The Great Resignation, Russ Hill and Jared Jones show how two trends have been building for years and how the pandemic accelerated both of them. Hill and Jones share data from Microsoft, Deloitte, McKinssey, LinkedIn, and Gallup alongside stories from their consulting and coaching clients that include executives at some of the world’s largest companies like Amazon, Cigna, Lockheed Martin, Johnson & Johnson, Fox, Kohler, and many others.

The book will help you understand how your employees have changed and how the way you lead must change as well. The authors make a powerful case that employees want leaders who have the following people management skills:

  • Demonstrate greater flexibility
  • Collaborate selectively
  • Validate diversity and create belonging
  • Focus & Prioritize
  • And are customer obsessed

The Great Resignation is a casual, insightful read that gives you actionable ideas you can implement with your team immediately. Whether you’re a seasoned senior executive of a Fortune 50 company or a new leader seeking to strengthen your ability to lead in today’s competitive environment you’ll find tons of value in The Great Resignation.

This is the third book written by both authors, Russ Hill and Jared Jones, the cofounders of Lone Rock Consulting. The Great Resignation is a people management book for all leaders.

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