The Leadership Space

by Brian Kurbjeweit

Book description from the publisher.

The Leadership Space connects the worlds of self-development and organizational leadership to show how a leader’s inner world impacts their team’s performance.

The author explains in a step-by-step way how a leader’s mindset and emotional environment (their inner world) subconsciously communicates with their team. He explains how the reader can discover the elements of their Leadership Space, and how to systematically rebuild that space to supercharge results, while deepening their fulfillment in life.

Further: Most people manage, few people lead. The problem is nobody wants to be managed. People want to be led. And yet, most books about leadership actually teach management. But, what’s the difference? Management is about what you’re doing. Leadership is about who you’re being. The Leadership Space is a profound step forward in understanding the true nature of leadership. It’s about discovering how your inner space (your being) impacts others. People with a powerful Leadership Space will cause top results with their team and retain core talent to maintain momentum for their company. Most importantly, they’ll possess the “X-Factor” in their ability to create both professional accomplishments and personal fulfillment.

Through this book you will:

  • Discover how contribution consciousness immediately elevates your experiences and your results.
  • Watch your teammates naturally show up as their best selves because of your higher way of being with them.
  • Increase the bottom line for your company by retaining core talent through intentional team and individual development.

Step into your personal power and develop your Leadership Space. You will discover the power within you… the power of your authentic being… your True Self.

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