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Jean Ibanez Payne, Founder & CEO, Certified Trainer

Elizabeth May, Certified Trainer

Why train with us?

TIVC, TI Verbatim Consulting’s mission is to “Help People Work Better Together.”  

We believe that the workplace is more than just where humans fulfill their obligations – it is where personal and collective development takes place. It has been proven that resilient teams are happier, stronger, and more efficient – when we promote resilience as leaders, we help employees adapt and succeed through change and challenges.  

Resilience is a set of skills that we use to overcome adversity, adapt to it, and grow as a result. The skills needed may be different with each situation, but the definition remains the same.  

Resilience-Building Leadership Professional certification training is not just about overcoming difficult situations, but about using difficulty as an opportunity for growth. Our in-house Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) bring over 30 years of collective experience in cultural optimization, leadership development, certified leadership coaching, training and curriculum development.  

Choosing TIVC as your RBLP authorized training partner means you’re choosing to train with experts in the field that can support you throughout the entire process and help develop the skills to create a positive climate, develop cohesion, provide purpose, facilitate team learning, and support organizational learning. 

TIVC has current and former contracts with the departments and affiliated agencies of Energy, Defense, Treasury, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, Justice, Defense Logistics Agency, National Aeronautics, and Space Administration, Millennium Challenge Corporation, A. Bright Idea, Canon, and Dominion Energy. 

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