Tip of the Spear Professional Coaching


Charles Livings, President

Eric Brew, Vise-President/Co-Founder

Why train with us?

Resiliency is a foundation for effective leadership that inspires and builds an inclusive and innovative workforce within any organization.  Resiliency training is a true investment in an organization’s human capital.

TOSPC is an integrity-driven organization that delivers professional and actionable coaching with a passion for the effects of human capital.

Tip of the Spear Professional Coaching uses experiential training and reflection with our clients for each leader task and competency domain. The goal is to provide coaching to you on how to best draw from your past leadership experiences and education. This approach will best prepare you to confidently answer the factual (what), conceptual (why) and procedural (how) questions on your RBLP oral certification exam.  

In the final analysis, the true ROI of leadership is people. 

Why train with us?

The TOSPC team brings its passion for investing in those on the frontline of your efforts. 

The TOSPC team recognizes there is no substitute for equipping your client and customer serving people with the tools and motivation needed to meet your organization’s mission. 

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Exam prep training types: One-on-one instructor-led online, Instructor-led online workshop
RBLP instructor-led online exam prep: $395 for 3 sessions (Discount offered for groups)
RBLP-C instructor-led online exam prep: $695 for 5 sessions (Discount offered for groups)
RBLP-T instructor-led online exam prep: $995 for 7 sessions (Discount offered for groups)
Financing: Yes
Employer education assistance funding: Yes
Military funding: Pending
Federal agency funding: Pending
Email: admin@tosprocoaching.com
Phone: 334-203-4156
DUNS: 118577833 CAGE: Pending

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