Trust The Process

by Willie Jones Ph.D., and Tempestt Adams, Ph.D.

Book description from the publisher.

Simply put, leadership is about influence. In 5 practical steps, this book leverages proven leadership theory and personal accounts to unveil how you can become an everyday leader. Effective leadership begins with understanding that every leader is different, and every day is unique. Being a leader day in, day out requires embracing your personal leadership style and understanding the theory behind the practice.

Dr. Jones and Dr. Adams intentionally implement an engaging storytelling approach throughout the book to personalize everyday leadership. These real-world examples, combined with straightforward advice, serve as an essential reminder to “Trust the Process.”

Alignment with Resilience-Building Leader Program

In 2018, Dr. Adams and I set out to create a piece of work that was pragmatic and easily digestible for leaders at any point in their careers. Admittedly, our primary audience was front-line supervisors and those seeking to transition into formal leadership roles. We felt if equipped with the right foundation, these individuals could blossom into transformational leaders.  

Resilience-Building Leadership Professional™ (RBLP) defines these front-line supervisors as individuals currently serving in a front-line supervisory role or having three years of work experience. Within the RBLP program, they directly address this target audience with three critical competency domains: Create a Positive Climate, Develop Cohesion, and Provide Purpose. Encapsulated within each of these competency domains are specific leader tasks. Working in tandem, these competency domains, and leader tasks align greatly with the concepts shared in Dr. Adams and my book, “Trust the Process: A Five-Step Model to Becoming an Everyday Leader.”  

For more information on the synergies, see below: 

Trust the Process: A Five-Step Model to Becoming an Everyday Leader Resilience-Building Leader Program (RBLP) 
Chapter 1 – Be Present Competency Domain – Create a Positive Climate Leader Task – Treat People with Respect 
Chapter 2 – Set Clear Expectations  Competency Domain – Create a Positive Climate Leader Task – Manage Expectations 
Chapter 3 – Inspect What You Expect Competency Domain – Create a Positive Climate Leader Task – Enforce Accountability 
Chapter 4 – Make Reflection a Routine Competency Domain – Develop Cohesion Leader Task – Talk About Setbacks 
Chapter 5 – Commit to Personal Development Competency Domain – Provide Purpose Leader Task – Encourage Individual Learning 

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Share this book with your network. Tell them how it relates to one or more of the Resilience-Building Leader Program competency domains of Create Positive Climate, Develop Cohesion, Provide Purpose, Facilitate Team Learning, and Support Organizational Learning.