Two Roads Leadership


J.R. Flatter, Chief Learning Officer

Todd Simmons, Lead Instructor

Why train with us?

Led by a Mustang Marine, Two Roads Leadership (2RL), as a commercial division of Flatter, Inc., has a 20-year history of providing training and education services for the Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security and Commercial industry. 2RL is laser-focused on “Developing Leaders, Coaches, and Cultures!” Given this focus, we deliver transformational Leadership Development, Coaching Certification, Culture-Development, and Coaching Services to a global customer base.

Not only will students complete our boot camps with the ability to pass the RBLP examinations, they will also benefit and learn via either a one on one coaching engagement OR our 12-Week Leadership Development Boot Camp which provides accelerated, in-depth leadership development that builds a unique “House of Leadership” for each participant- founded on leadership and supported by the four pillars of Principles; Technical, Cognitive, and Emotional Alignment; Work, Family, and Self Balance; and 30-Year Vision. Additionally, we will explore the twelve courageous characteristics drawn from our own experience and study. Included in this course is a rich examination of the following courageous characteristics:

• Courageous;• Principled;• Technically, Cognitively, & Emotionally Aligned;• Work, Family, & Self Balanced;• Visionary;• Humble;• Powerful;• Bold;• Driven;• Charismatic;• Unreasonable;• Lifelong Learning

Each courageous characteristic and RBLP competency is methodically explained and developed. Then, we present a specific developmental plan of action to help you learn, accept, and develop each characteristic in your own lives. Any person or organization can adopt these courageous characteristics to achieve their goals.

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