USAF COOL Program Offers RBLP Leadership Certifications

USAF Cool Program

The Resilience-Building Leader Program is excited to announce that you can now apply for the RBLP leadership certifications through the Air Force’s Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (COOL) website!

Air Force CoolThis program reflects our ongoing commitment to provide personal and professional development to those serving in the United States military forces. The USAF’s COOL program is a Total Force Enlisted program. It includes all enlisted Air Force Specialty Code jobs for Regular Air Force, Air Force Reserves and Air National Guard. Funding will be provided for all such members on Title 10 or Title 32 (502F) active duty orders.

From the COOL program’s website:

“Credentialing has two purposes. First, it continues to professionalize the enlisted force by providing up-to-date industry-recognized credentials in an airman’s USAF job. Second, it provides a way for airmen to prepare for civilian life by ensuring that they are ready for work in the civilian sector.”

“The two basic types of credentials are:

  • Licensure – Governmental agencies—federal, state, or local—grant licenses to individuals to practice a specific occupation, such as a medical license for doctors. State or federal laws or regulations define the standards that individuals must meet to become licensed. Licenses are typically mandatory.
  • Certification – Non-governmental agencies, associations, and even private sector companies may grant certifications to individuals who meet predetermined qualifications. These qualifications are generally set by professional associations (for example, National Commission for Certification of Crane Operators) or by industry and product-related organizations (for example, Novell Certified Engineer). Certification is typically an optional credential, although some state licensure boards and some employers may require certification. For many occupations, more than one organization may offer certifications.”

The RBLP leadership certifications qualify for the COOL program under this second category.

Learn more about the USAF COOL program in this video!:

Read more about the RBLP’s Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (COOL) availability.

RBLP leadership certifications are about Building Resilient Teams™ that overcome adversity and then can adapt and grow together.

Learn more about the requirements for the RBLP Certification program, and if you’re ready to begin your training feel free to fill out our application!

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