Melody Gratic, CEO/Founder

Why train with us?

Adding resiliency training to our portfolio of services is a game-changer. In addition, it is an essential component to building resilient leaders in organizations irrespective of size. 

As an executive management consulting firm, our multidisciplinary team has over 100 years of experience in the workforce. 

We champion lifelong learning as an essential leadership tool for experienced and emerging leaders. An investment in training is a  demonstrated commitment to employee growth and company growth. Our suite of services includes team building, synchronous and asynchronous training, executive coaching, change management, administering behavioral and organizational assessments, in-demand and on-demand certificate programs. Ultimately, our goal is to “empower your teams to excel!” 

RBLP’s program expands upon the professional services we offer our clients. 

We serve customers nationally and internationally.

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Exam prep training types: One-on-one instructor-led online, Instructor-led online workshop
Financing: None
Employer education assistance funding: Yes
Military funding: Government credit card with SF 182 for all services
Federal agency funding: Government credit card with SF 182
Email: melody@xcelmil.com
Phone: 703-887-7279
DUNS: 08117316 CAGE: 84FQ8

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