Resilience-Building Leader Program
Hiring managers pay particular attention to the professional certifications of job applicants. Adding RBLP certification to your LinkedIn profile and resume will make you more competitive in the eyes of employers and increase your earning potential.


Successful organizations bring process and people together to accomplish goals. We manage process and we lead people. Certifications in project management, human resource management, facilities management, and other functional specialties are about MANAGING process. The Resilience-Building Leader Program (RBLP) certification is about LEADING people.

“Adaptive capacity or resilience is the single most important quality in a leader or in anyone else for that matter who hopes to lead a healthy, meaningful life”. – Warren Bennis

If you are a manager and a leader in any of these sectors, then RBLP certification is right for you.

  • Finance, insurance, real estate
  • Healthcare, social work
  • Local, state, federal government
  • Retail, hospitality services
  • Manufacturing, wholesale trade
  • Construction, utilities
  • Training, education, non-profit
  • Information, technology

RBLP certification will make you a better team-builder and a better leader. The people that you lead will be more effective, more productive, and better prepared to meet their personal and professional goals. If you already have a functional certification or an MBA, the RBLP certification is the perfect complement because the RBLP certification is about leading people. 

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In the same way that routine exercise makes a person more physically fit over time, repeated exposure to some adversity makes a person more resilient over time. The old saying, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is fundamentally true. When people face adversity, they go through an appraisal and coping process that may or… Read More

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Developing cohesion is a practice that builds resilience in an organization. In a cohesive group, each person’s capacity to overcome adversity is enhanced by working with other people. Group cohesion is a social construct characterized by the members’ sense of belonging and willingness to stick together to accomplish shared goals. Group cohesion is comprised of two… Read More

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Creating a positive climate is a leader practice that makes people more resilient. Climate is about shared perceptions that group members have regarding the behaviors and attitudes that characterize the group. When the prevailing behaviors and attitudes are viewed favorably, then the climate is positive. Climate and culture are not the same thing. Culture is… Read More

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