What are the benefits of leadership certification?

Based on history of all survey responses from our credential holders and updated monthly.

87% believe it will lead to better compensation and career longevity.

94% believe it will provide increased professional trust from employers and the public.

98% have greater confidence in their professional abilities.

96% believe they will have increased recognition by peers and respect of colleagues in their profession.

87% believe it will increase their autonomy in the workplace.

95% believe they have improved opportunities for employability and advancement.

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We certify front-line supervisors, middle managers, and senior leaders.


RBLP certification is for
front-line supervisors.

Collective resilience is the ability to overcome challenges, and then adapt and grow because of those challenges. Resilient teams are stronger together and they make organizational learning and change possible. Front-line supervisors build resilient teams by creating a positive climate, developing cohesion, and providing purpose.


RBLP-C certification is for
middle managers.

Solving problems and overcoming challenges is a learning process. Middle managers facilitate the team’s ability to learn by analyzing team learning capacity, orienting on team goals, encouraging constructive dialogue, and building new mental models. We call this certification “coach” because middle managers are responsible for coaching their front-line supervisors.


RBLP-T certification is for
senior leaders.

Organizational learning makes change possible and enables competitive advantage. Senior leaders support the organization’s ability to learn by analyzing organizational learning capacity, promoting a shared vision, fostering knowledge emergence, and ensuring knowledge diffusion. We call this certification “trainer” because senior leaders are responsible for the leadership training of front-line supervisors and middle managers.

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