RBLP Certification

The Resilience-Building Leader Program is about leading people and building resilient teams. Adding the Resilience-Building Leadership Professional (RBLP) certification to your LinkedIn profile and resume will make you more competitive in the eyes of employers and increase your earning potential. Hiring managers pay particular attention to the professional certifications of job applicants. 

Successful organizations bring process and people together to accomplish goals. We manage process and we lead people. Certifications is project management, human resources management, and change management are about managing process. The RBLP certification is about leading people. RBLP certification says that you are ready to lead people in a challenging environment.

Building Resilient Teams

Workplace productivity in many organizations is accomplished mostly by teams. Innovation is usually the product of teamwork. Because teams can draw on multiple perspectives, they can be more effective at solving problems and overcoming challenges than individuals. However, problems and challenges always create adversity. Resilience is the ability to overcome adversity. Resilience makes accomplishing goals possible.

Resilience is a collective, social phenomenon in any line of work where team members rely on each other to work together in a challenging environment. The collective resilience of people enables them to adapt and grow together. Leadership is the most important organizational factor that helps people make sense of and deal with adversity in the workplace.

When people in an organization are collectively resilient, the organization is stronger. Resilience enables adaptation and growth. Resilience makes learning and change possible. Leadership is the key to building resilience in an organization.

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