Invest in Yourself.

Earn a Leadership Certification.

99% of our credential holders recommend the RBLP® leadership certifications.

89% say it will lead to better compensation and career longevity.

96% say it will increase professional trust from employers and the public.

97% have greater confidence in their professional abilities.

96% say it will lead to improved opportunities for employability and advancement.

89% say it will increase their autonomy in the workplace.

92% say it will increase recognition by peers and respect of colleagues.

Resilience-Building Leader Program (RBLP®) is the credentialing body for the Resilience-Building Leadership Professional® series of leadership certifications. We certify people to Create a Positive Climate, Develop Cohesion, Provide Purpose, Facilitate Team Learning, and Support Organizational Learning in the workplace.

New Self-Study Option Now Available!

We recently launched a self-study option for our entry-level RBLP leadership certification. The RBLP certification is for front-line supervisors and those aspiring to a front-line supervisor role in corporate, government, and nonprofit organizations of any size. Military at paygrades E4 and E5 are eligible.

Take control of your future by investing in yourself.

There is no cost to access the lessons for self-study. Learn more about the RBLP leadership certification and get started today!

Our Founder/CEO, Dr. Gene Coughlin was recently a guest on The EdUp Experience podcast.

How are resilient teams built & led?

What skill turns a job into a career?

What does Gene see as the future of Higher Education?

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