Resilience-Building Leadership Professional® Trainer (RBLP-T)

Resilience-Building Leadership Professional® Trainer (RBLP-T)

People who earn the Resilience-Building Leadership Professional Trainer (RBLP-T) certification are qualified to build and lead resilient teams in the workplace by creating a positive climate, developing cohesion, providing purpose, facilitating team learning, and supporting organizational learning.

RBLP-T certified leaders are also qualified to provide leadership coaching to managers and other senior managers in the workplace. RBLP-T certified leaders can fill authorized instructor roles providing exam prep training for the RBLP, RBLP-C, and RBLP-T certification exams.

Exam prep course required | 3.5-hour oral exam

RBLP-T is our Trainer certification. Senior managers are eligible.

Senior Manager Role Defined: For senior managers, leadership is about more than making sure teams learn from their experience. At this level, it’s also about creating a culture that supports the organization’s vision. It’s about making sure that organizations learn from their experience and continually get better at what they do.

Senior managers are responsible for promoting a shared vision. They may provide guidance and direction to one or more managers. Senior managers support organizational learning and change. They develop and implement strategies to achieve organizational goals. Senior managers have substantial relevant expertise and experience. An organization may have multiple layers of senior management.

People who earn the RBLP-T leader certification become lifetime members of the RBLP Community of Practice.

RBLP-C certified leaders upgrading to RBLP-T are eligible for a $400 discount on the certification exam. Request your discount coupon code in the Additional Information section of the application.

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Resilience-Building Leadership Professional® Trainer (RBLP-T)

Certification Steps

1. Apply for Certification

Our application is free and takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

2. Get Ready for RBLP-T Certification

Applicants for RBLP-T certification must complete an instructor-led exam prep course. The online Building and Leading Resilient Teams (7 modules for RBLP-T exam prep) courses offered by our growing network of Training and Education Partners meet this requirement.

Find a Course

Find a Course

3. Take the RBLP-T Certification Exam

During the online 3.5-hour oral RBLP-T exam, the applicant is required to show competence in factual (what), conceptual (why), and procedural knowledge (how) in the Create a Positive Climate, Develop Cohesion, Provide Purpose, Facilitate Team Learning, and Support Organizational Learning competency domains.

We developed oral certification exams because they test leadership knowledge more effectively than written examinations. Our exam administrators hold doctoral degrees and have 20+ years of leadership experience.

The RBLP-T certification exam is $2375. We administer oral certification exams via Microsoft Teams video conference. No special software downloads are required.

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Use these templates to request exam prep training course and certification exam fee reimbursement from your employer.

The GI Bill® reimburses eligible military personnel and veterans for the cost of the RBLP, RBLP-C, and RBLP-T leader certification exams. Complete this VA Form 22-0803 for RBLP-T exam fee reimbursement and upload through QuickSubmit on AccessVARequest. Include copies of your exam results email and payment receipt.

The RBLP, RBLP-C, and RBLP-T certifications are approved for Department of Defense (DOD) Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (COOL) funding for Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard personnel. The RBLP-C certification is also approved for DoD Civilians. The Army and Air Force require an exam fee quote.

We have payment plans for certification exam fees!

We offer 0% APR financing on plans up to 6 months. That’s about $396 per month for the RBLP-T leader certification exam!

We also offer interest-bearing financing on payment plans for up to 36 months.

See full payment terms and disclosures.

Choose a payment plan when you schedule your exam.

Organizations can purchase exam vouchers for their employees. Exam discount coupon codes can only be used when purchasing and an exam voucher or scheduling a certification exam with a personal credit card or payment plan.

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RBLP-T Certification Competency Domains

Leader Competency Domain: Create a Positive Climate

When morale is low, performance suffers. When morale is high, performance can soar. Climate is about the shared perceptions and attitudes of teammates. Your team’s climate can change quickly, for better or worse, based on your actions and the actions of your teammates. You can raise your team’s morale by creating a positive climate for people to work in. The result is more flexibility, creativity, and openness to new ideas. Positive emotions help people cope with stress. Teams that work in a positive climate are better able to overcome adversity, and then adapt and grow together because of that adversity.

Leader Competency Domain: Develop Cohesion

The best measure of a team is how well it performs under pressure. When the going gets tough, the tough get going… by working together as a team. This maxim holds true for front-line teams, executive teams, and all other teams in between, including yours. You can boost teamwork by developing the cohesion of your team. The result will be more supportive and dependable relationships. Developing cohesion enhances well-being, reduces stress, and enables your team’s creativity and collective decision-making. Cohesive teams in the workplace are better able to overcome adversity, and then adapt and grow together because of that adversity.

Leader Competency Domain: Provide Purpose

When people have a sense of purpose for the work that they do, they are more motivated and committed. You can provide purpose in the workplace by challenging people to be their best. Most people are looking to grow personally and professionally. You should challenge each person on your team to learn new skills. You should challenge the team to learn new collective skills together. You can also provide purpose by helping your team understand how their work supports the organization’s mission. When people have a sense of purpose at work, they are better able to overcome adversity, and then adapt and grow together because of that adversity.

Leader Competency Domain: Facilitate Team Learning

When people work together as a team, they create shared experiences that they can learn from. As a leader, you are expected to facilitate this experiential learning process. Learning is how teams solve problems and overcome challenges. You can lead the learning process by ensuring that your team is constantly reflecting on its past and present experiences to assess performance and find ways to improve. As your team develops new ideas for improvement and change, you will need to approve and prioritize those ideas. Most importantly, it’s your responsibility to make sure these ideas get put into action, tested, and validated. Some ideas will work; some will not. Either way, team learning has occurred.

Leader Competency Domain: Support Organizational Learning

Organizations that cannot learn are doomed to repeat the same mistakes. Gaining a competitive advantage is hard. Maintaining a competitive advantage is even harder. To survive and compete over time, organizations must be willing and able to learn and change. In fact, without learning, there can be no change. This is true for individuals, teams, and organizations of all types. And just like individuals and teams, when an organization bounces back from adversity, learning is how it adapts and grows. Resilient organizations are learning organizations. In learning organizations, leaders at all levels build and lead resilient teams.

Our mission at Resilience-Building Leader Program (RBLP®) is to certify leaders on building and leading resilient teams in the workplace. We have issued thousands of leader certifications to supervisors, managers, and senior managers since our founding in 2018.

Why? Because in any organization, getting the work done can be hard. Sometimes, it can be really hard. Resilient teams thrive in challenging environments because they can overcome adversity, and then adapt and grow together.

Leaders build resilient teams by creating a positive climate, developing cohesion, and providing purpose. Building resilient teams makes team learning possible. Team learning is the foundation of organizational learning and change.