Authorized Training Partners

Resilience-Building Leader Program (RBLP®) authorizes workforce training companies and career schools to teach our instructor-led, synchronous Building and Leading Resilient Teams exam prep course.

Our Training Partners offer flexible scheduling of courses for up to 12 students who meet in person or virtually for seven weeks. One-on-one training with by-name instructor requests is typically available.

Use these templates to request course funding from your employer.

Some of our ATPs offer on-site and virtual Building and Leading Resilient Teams workshops focused on Creating a Positive Climate, Developing Cohesion, and Providing Purpose. Workshops do not meet the education/training requirements for the RBLP® series of leadership certifications. Workshop attendance hours may be counted toward the 18-hour self-study exam prep option for our entry-level RBLP leadership certification.

If your training company or career school wants to learn more about becoming an RBLP® Authorized Training Partner, please contact Emilio Natalio on LinkedIn or by email.

Training Partners: U.S. Northeast Region

New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, Massachusetts, Maryland, Connecticut, West Virginia, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, Delaware, District of Columbia, and Vermont.
Elite 9 Veteran Talent Acquisition ServicesWebsiteCompany LinkedIn ProfileMeet Chris ThomasNew York
Blue Water AdvisorsWebsiteCompany LinkedIn ProfileMeet Huben PhillipsVirginia
XcelMilWebsiteCompany LinkedIn ProfileVirginia
Courageous Leadership AllianceWebsiteCompany LinkedIn ProfileWashington DC
Creative Solutions A2ZWebsiteCompany LinkedIn ProfilePennsylvania
Strategic Resilience GroupWebsiteCompany LinkedIn ProfileVirginia

Training Partners: U.S. Southeast Region

Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina, Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.
Gold Oak Leaf SolutionsWebsiteCompany LinkedIn ProfileMeet Jason BurganSouth Carolina
WEN2KWebsiteCompany LinkedIn ProfileMeet Heather WellsNorth Carolina
Rise Up LeadershipWebsiteCompany LinkedIn ProfileMeet Eric RisnerGeorgia
Elevating-Purpose Consulting LLCWebsiteCompany LinkedIn ProfileMeet Demetrius BoothMississippi
Lifelong DevelopmentWebsiteCompany LinkedIn ProfileNorth Carolina
People Always MindsetWebsiteCompany LinkedIn ProfileTennessee
Altitude Career Skills InstituteWebsiteCompany LinkedIn ProfileAlabama
Rising Tide SolutionsWebsiteCompany LinkedIn ProfileNorth Carolina
Navigator Strategic Leadership SolutionsWebsiteCompany LinkedIn ProfileFlorida
Stalwart PerformanceWebsiteCompany LinkedIn ProfileTennessee
Alle, LLCWebsiteCompany LinkedIn ProfileNorth Carolina
Humble Leader DevelopmentWebsiteCompany LinkedIn ProfileNorth Carolina
Tip of the Spear Professional CoachingWebsiteCompany LinkedIn ProfileAlabama

Training Partners: Great Lakes Region

Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.
Resilient Leadership SolutionsWebsiteCompany LinkedIn ProfileMeet Luke FreshwaterOhio

Training Partners: U.S. Southwest/Midwest Region

Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Mexico, Missouri, Colorado, Utah, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Wyoming.
Divergence AcademyWebsiteCompany LinkedIn ProfileMeet Kingsley Scott Jr. Texas
Successful ProjectsWebsiteCompany LinkedIn ProfileTexas
Rise ResiliencyWebsiteCompany LinkedIn ProfileColorado
Elevate Leadership SolutionsWebsiteCompany LinkedIn ProfileMissouri

Training Partners: U.S. West Region

California, Washington, Arizona, Oregon, Nevada, Idaho, Hawaii, Alaska, and Guam.
Strategic Development GroupWebsiteCompany LinkedIn ProfileMeet William ChestnuttCalifornia
Elite Leadership Consulting, LLCWebsiteCompany LinkedIn ProfileHawaii
The Real InstituteWebsiteCompany LinkedIn ProfileCalifornia

Training Partners: Outside of U.S.

Outside of the U.S.