RBLP® Community of Practice for Certified Leaders

A Community of Practice is a group of people bound together by what they have learned through mutual interest and experience in a particular activity. When people earn one of our leader certifications, they become members of our Community of Practice.

Communities of Practice are characterized by three core elements:

1. DOMAIN: A Community of Practice has an identity defined by a shared domain of interest. Membership implies a commitment to this domain, and therefore a shared competence that distinguishes members from other people. OUR SHARED DOMAIN IS LEADERSHIP.

2. COMMUNITY: In pursuing their interest in their domain, members of the Community of Practice engage in joint activities and discussions, help each other, and share information. They build relationships that enable them to learn from each other; a strong community fosters interaction and encourages a willingness to share ideas. OUR COMMUNITY CONNECTS HERE ON LINKEDIN AND ON THE JOB.

3. PRACTICE: A Community of Practice isn’t just a community of interest. Members of the community are also practitioners and have relevant experience. They develop a shared repertoire of resources to include competency domains, stories, tools, and ways of addressing recurring problems. OUR SHARED PRACTICE IS BUILDING AND LEADING RESILIENT TEAMS.

Next Actions for All Certified Leaders

1. Complete the post-exam survey.

Within 24 hours of administering a certification exam, we send out a Congrats email to those who achieve a passing score. That email includes a link to complete a post-exam survey. Collecting feedback from our certified leaders is essential for our credibility and reputation. Your thoughts about the benefits of leader training and certification are important to us and the public.

Please complete the post-exam survey. We post survey results on our website homepage and update them monthly. As you might expect, we are quite proud of our historical survey results. They are a testament to the reliability, validity, and sustainability of our leader certification program. If you have not completed the survey yet, please do so.

2. Provide a Google review.

Within 24 hours of administering a certification exam, we send out a Congrats email to those who achieve a passing score. That email includes a link to provide a Google review of Resilience-Building Leader Program (RBLP®). Google reviews enhance our visibility in both national and local search results.

More importantly, they help build our credibility and reputation with the public. Many consumers rely on online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Positive reviews on Google help build trust and can provide us with a significant competitive advantage. If you have not provided a Google review yet, please do so.

3. Create a LinkedIn profile.

If you don’t already have a LinkedIn profile, you should create one now. LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool that connects professionals from every industry. LinkedIn profiles serve as online resumes, allowing professionals to showcase their education, experience, and achievements.

Connecting with others on LinkedIn fosters opportunities to share ideas, job opportunities, and career advice. Thousands of thoughtful articles and industry insights are posted on LinkedIn daily.

Add RBLP, RBLP-C, or RBLP-T after your name on your LinkedIn profile. You can also list your certification in the Headline section below your name on LinkedIn.

Once your profile is setup, connect with Mark Holman, our Chief Community Officer at RBLP®. Next, search for “RBLP” and connect to other certified leaders on LinkedIn. Start with those in the occupations, industries, and geographies of most interest to you.

Read our Community Insights article: What are the Letters after a Person’s Name Called?

Follow the RBLP® Leader Training and Certifications page on LinkedIn.

4. Accept your Credly digital badge.

Each person who earns one of our leader certifications is issued a digital badge via the Credly platform. Digital badges can be shared online and added to your LinkedIn profile for maximum visibility and recognition. They can attract the attention of recruiters, industry peers, and other professional connections.

Digital badges are also an easy and secure means for employers and others to verify your certification status.

See our Digital Badge Instructions.

Update your resume and cover letter. Submit the training and certification learning objectives and hours to PMI, SHRM, and other professional associations for PDUs.

5. Join the RBLP® Community of Practice for Certified Leaders group on LinkedIn.

Our Community of Practice LinkedIn group provides a forum for constructive dialogue between members with varying levels of experience. Through regular interactions and mutual support, we share our leadership knowledge and experience. Membership in this group is limited to people that have earned one of our leader certifications.

As certified leaders, we have a growth mindset and we understand that knowledge, skills, and abilities can be developed through hard work and dedication. We are self-directed, lifelong learners who take initiative and accept responsibility for our own learning.

Please join the RBLP® Community of Practice for Certified Leaders group on LinkedIn.

6. Update your resume and submit for CEUs/PDUs.

In a competitive job market, adding your RBLP, RBLP-C, or RBLP-T leader certification to your resume can distinguish you from other job candidates. Your certification reflects your initiative and commitment to self-improvement. It indicates that you have taken extra steps to enhance your leadership knowledge and skills.

Keep in mind that employers are always thinking about the future growth of their organizations. When they hire people, they are looking for people who are not only capable but also adaptable and eager to learn. Organizations of all types want to hire people who can take on more significant responsibilities in the future.

Submit your RBLP Leader Training and Certification for CEUs/PDUs

Submit your RBLP-C Leader Training and Certification for CEUs/PDUs

Submit your RBLP-T Leader Training and Certification for CEUs/PDUs

7. Follow us on YouTube.

The YouTube platform is pivotal for building our community of practice. Videos rank high in Google search results and YouTube is the second largest search engine.

Videos capture and retain the viewers’ attention, and make complex topics more accessible. They enhance learning and knowledge sharing. Video content helps us build awareness, trust, and credibility.

Subscribe to the RBLP® Leader Training and Certifications channel on YouTube.

8. Frame and display your certification.

Earning your leader certification is a significant achievement. It is a testament to your hard work, dedication, and professionalism. Displaying your certification, either at home or at work, showcases your commitment to learning and development.

In addition to being a source of pride for you, it can also serve to inspire and motivate others.

Your certification will arrive in the mail about two weeks after passing your exam.

RBLP® Community of Practice

9. Explore Professional Development opportunities.

Professional Development (PD) is the process of acquiring knowledge, skills, and experience that are crucial for professional growth and career advancement. PD promotes adaptability and creativity, both of which are crucial for handling new challenges and changes in the workplace.

We recommend that all our certified leaders read books from our Professional Reading List and the RBLP® Blog. We also recommend listening to podcasts and watching videos about these topics.

COMING SOON! We are developing instructor-led online courses and workshops that will be available at no cost or significantly reduced cost to the RBLP® Community of Practice for Certified Leaders.

Visit our Professional Development page.