Our Vision, Purpose, and Mission

The Resilience-Building Leader Program is the certification body for the Resilience-Building Leadership Professional™ (RBLP™) series of leadership certifications. Our vision is to create a worldwide community of practice committed to the idea of Building Resilient Teams™.

Resilience is a human resource strength in organizations that can and should be developed. Collective resilience is the team’s ability to overcome adversity, and then adapt and grow together because of that adversity.

Resilient teams are the key to both individual and organizational resilience. Resilient teams are stronger together and they make learning and change possible. Our purpose is to share this truth with leaders everywhere.

Our mission is to certify leaders. Our three-tiered certification program provides organizations of any size, in any industry, with a holistic and scalable solution for certifying that front-line supervisors, middle managers, and senior leaders demonstrate competency in the leader tasks applicable to Building Resilient Teams™ for organizational learning and change.

Our Core Values


Take care of our employees first.

Provide value to our customers always.

Give back to the community along the way.

Learn every day.