Create a Positive Climate Competency Domain

When morale is low, performance suffers. When morale is high, performance can soar. Climate is about the shared perceptions and attitudes of teammates. Your team’s climate can change quickly, for better or worse, based on your actions and the actions of your teammates. You can raise your team’s morale by creating a positive climate for people to work in. The result is more flexibility, creativity, and openness to new ideas. Positive emotions help people cope with stress. Teams that work in a positive climate are better able to overcome adversity, and then adapt and grow together because of that adversity.

Create a Positive Climate Leader Tasks:

Task 1: Analyze team climate.

Task 2: Earn trust.

Task 3: Treat people with respect.

Task 4: Enforce accountability.

Task 5: Encourage people to have fun.

Task 6: Demonstrate character.

Task 7: Keep the team informed.

Create a Positive Climate Knowledge and Skills:

  • Know how to create a positive climate.
  • Know the relationship between creating a positive climate and collective resilience.
  • Know what collective resilience is.
  • Know how to analyze team climate.
  • Know the relationship between climate and morale.
  • Know the relationship between climate and culture.
  • Know what climate is.
  • Know what culture is.
  • Know how to earn trust.
  • Know the relationship between earning trust, climate, and morale.
  • Know what competence is.
  • Know what integrity is.
  • Know what authenticity is.
  • Know what vulnerability is.
  • Know how to treat people with respect.
  • Know the relationship between treating people with respect, climate, and morale.
  • Know what dignity is.
  • Know what diversity is.
  • Know what inclusion is.
  • Know what active listening is.
  • Know how to enforce accountability.
  • Know the relationship between enforcing accountability, climate, and morale.
  • Know what accountability is.
  • Know what a standard is.
  • Know how to encourage people to have fun.
  • Know the relationship between having fun, climate, and morale.
  • Know the relationship between anxiety, stress, and having fun.
  • Know how to demonstrate character.
  • Know the relationship between demonstrating character, climate, and morale.
  • Know what character is.
  • Know what moral courage is.
  • Know what honesty is.
  • Know what humility is.
  • Know what empathy is.
  • Know how to keep the team informed.
  • Know the relationship between keeping the team informed, climate, and morale.
  • Know the relationship between resistance to change and keeping the team informed.
  • Know what transparency is.

Updated 03/31/2023