Accessible Leader


Elizabeth Baker, Founder, and Head Trainer

Why train with us?

Accessible Leader is here to support you create healthy and resilient teams. We are an authorized training partner for the Resilience-Building Leader Program (RBLP). We can assist with the exam prep and training for RBLP certifications as well as create customized training for your organization.

We have a background in working with government, non-profits, large corporations, and small businesses. Our founder, Elizabeth Baker, has spent the majority of her career working for non-profits or with the U.S. military. She has been a certified RBLP trainer since 2020 and enjoys assisting her clients to sharpen their skills to create teams that are able to tackle some of the most challenging circumstances. She holds a master’s degree in International Relations from Harvard University.

We can work with you and your team to create a meaningful and customized experience. We offer:
– 1:1 RBLP Online Exam Prep
– Group Online RBLP Exam Prep
– Online workshops on a customized topic
– In-person 1:1 RBLP Exam Prep
– In-Person RBLP Group Exam Prep
– In-Person Group Workshops

Exam prep training types: One-on-one instructor-led online, Instructor-led online workshop, Instructor-led on-site workshop
RBLP instructor-led online exam prep: $395 for 3 sessions
RBLP-C instructor-led online exam prep: $695 for 5 sessions
RBLP-T instructor-led online exam prep: $995 for 7 sessions
Instructor-led on-site exam prep workshop: Request pricing
Financing: Yes
Employer education assistance funding: Yes
Military funding: Air Force CA, Government credit card with SF 182 for all services
Federal agency funding: Government credit card with SF 182 for all services
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 805-570-8777
DUNS: 118441663 CAGE: 987R3

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