Rise Up Leadership


Eric Risner, Owner

Why train with us?

At Rise Up Leadership, we bring immediate value to you and your company by providing coaching and leadership development to improve work environments, increase job satisfaction, and enhance retention. With over a decade of experience training teams in leadership, management, and resiliency, we have helped hundreds of senior managers build their knowledge and skills for higher positions.

Our focus is on building strong teams and enabling individuals to thrive by leveraging their strengths to become more effective leaders. We are certified in team facilitation, curriculum development, instruction, and custom coaching plan creation, and we are committed to helping your company build a stronger, more cohesive team for the future. As Simon Sinek said, “Employees don’t leave organizations, they leave bosses.” At Rise Up Leadership, we strive to create a positive and supportive work environment that keeps your team engaged and motivated.

The flexible delivery method makes Rise Up Leadership a perfect choice for continuous improvement, growing business culture, and adding value to your career. We offer the following training options:

• One-on-one instructor-led online
• Instructor-led online workshops and,
• Instructor-led on-site workshops

Ask about the discounts for veterans, police, fire, first responders, and teachers.

Rise Up Leadership looks forward to adding value to your company.

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Phone: 928-925-8464

DUNS: 11-879-2348 CAGE: Pending

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